Thursday, March 6, 2008

Algernon in the Pool - Oil on 8 x 10 Canvas Panel

No Longer Available

Algernon in the Pool – There are some of you in my email group who will remember the early 1970s, my home in Wichita, KS with the swimming pool and our white kittens. To teach them not to be afraid of falling in the pool I would wait until they were about 8 or so weeks old and then pitch them, all the kittens, directly into the middle of the pool. They are surprisingly adept swimmers, but they have to be convinced of that. They would actually follow me to the steps area and learn to get themselves out. From that point on we never worried about them around the water. Algernon was a special kitten.


SiLa said...

I like the expression on cats face, and colors... very interesting painting!

Russell Baker said...

Lidija, thank you for your great comment. I like your work.