Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tippi - Oil on 11 x 14 Canvas Panel

Commission Painting
Completed 01/16/2008

Tippi - Tippi was "evidence" in animal cruelty case (approx. 300 dogs and cats) in southern California. Her rescuer, after having possession of Tippi for less than a month, had to humanely euthanize her due to nerve sheath cancer, a very painful cancer. Tippi was her most heartfelt and painful rescue.

In the cruelty case one perpetrator, a woman, was recently sentenced to 16 months in state prison and another woman was sentenced to 365 days in county jail with five years probation--a condition of which is that she not own any pets or work with any organization devoted to the care, boarding or adoption of animals.

The picture I worked from to create this painting was taken on the day Tippi was laid to sleep. Your comments are always welcome…

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