Friday, January 11, 2008

Natividad - Oil on 8 x 10 Canvas Panel

Commission Painting
Completed 01/11/2008

Natividad – My client tells me that an artist, (yes an artist) paid kids to capture a starving dog off the street. The artist then put the dog in a public art exhibition and refused to unchain it, give it water or give it food. The visitors to the exhibit were eating and drinking right next to the dog as it was chained. I'm sure the dog smelled the food and would have loved some water. Natividad died while on exhibition. The name of the exhibit was on the wall and was made out of dog food of all things. The exhibit was outside the US and for those of you who want to look at the actual exhibit, here is the link:

Her eyes tell her story. I tried to leave a comment of disgust, but the blog site is no longer open for comments. I wonder why!

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