Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shamrock Lake, MN - Oil on 9 x 12 Canvas Panel

This month's Artist Daily Facebook Painting of the Month caught my eye immediately when I was looking through the posts on the Member's Gallery. The water in Shamrock Lake, MN, is as smooth as glass, and water itself seems to be half cloud or mist and half water. I especially love that the artist, Russell Baker, got so atmospheric and bold with the color in the sky and, therefore, the reflections on the surface of the lake. Check out our Facebook page to see the winning painting, and join me in congratulating Russell!--Courtney

March 2011 winner--Shamrock Lake, MN, by Russell Baker.


Shamrock Lake, MN - Looking back to my childhood in northern Minnesota, specifically the Grand Rapids area, I have fond memories of Shamrock Lake. There are three lakes interconnected by narrow waterways in the chain, Shamrock, Oreilly and Island Lake. At that time I believe all the shoreline on Shamrock Lake was privately owned and may still be. My cousins and their family owned a lot of that shoreline and summers we all would swim in front of their home. Some of us would swim out to a submerged sandbar out in the middle of the lake and then back. I fished there more times than I can remember. In winter the lake would freeze over and we would ice skate and dark house fish directly in front of the house. It was and still is a beautiful setting and is still in the family. When the lake was still the reflections were unbelievable. I painted this one from memory as it's been a good number of years since I've seen it. Your comments are welcome.

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