Sunday, May 17, 2009

Three Pears - Oil on 9 x 12 Canvas Panel

No longer available 5/21/2009

Three Pears - Earlier this month (May 3rd) I painted "Pair of Pears" and really liked the way it finished out. Since then I've heard from an old friend whom I've known since grade school, about 57 to 58 years ago at a place called Warba, MN. population somewhere around 300. During those years I lived on a farm outside of an even smaller community named Blackberry, MN. When we moved on to our Jr. High years in Grandrapids, MN; population around six to seven thousand at that time, it was like being in a metropolis. Now, getting to the point, my childhood friend loved "Pair of Pears" and after thinking it over I decided to paint something similar to that painting. There are some subtle differences in the two however; the most noticeable of which is the dominant color in this one is green, much cooler than the reddish umber mixture I used on 'Pair of Pears. If you compare the two paintings you will see it. I also liked the way this one came out. Your comments are welcome.

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