Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hyacinth Macaw - Oil on 8 x 10 Canvas Panel

Commission Painting

Hyacinth Macaw – This is a commission painting for a repeat client who is currently experiencing winter weather in the upper Midwest, burrrrr. She had one of these as a pet about 30 years ago.


Trine said...

Totally amazing. I am sure the client will be very satisfied. I love the details on the beak.

GotGarf said...

Very nice!

Russell Baker said...

Trine, Thank you for your wonderful words once again. When other artists leave coments it's really helpful. It sometimes aids us painters to make necessary changes in style or subject matter, or both to improve what we are doing. Thanks again.

Russell Baker said...

Laura,As always I value your opinion as much and possibly more than most others as you are one of my biggest fans. Thanks