Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lighthouse Point - Oil on 9 x 12 Canvas Panel


Lighthouse Point - The morning mist or fog is in process of burning off, but still it obscures the clear view of the lighthouse. If you look closely you can see the sun has warmed up the image of the lighthouse. The surf keeps rolling in getting more intense in values as the waves get closer. I love the mood of this painting, but I've got to say thanks to Roy Lang (oil painter) from England whose book on painting the sea has benefited me greatly in painting scenes such as these. I emailed him the other day and sent him a (.jpg image) of one of my unpublished seascapes. He was kind enough to email me back and offer me some good advice on painting the sea. Thanks Roy. I took the idea of this lighthouse from a photo I took years ago, I'm not sure where it was, and combined it with waves and a shoreline similar to one in Roy's book. It really made a nice combination. Your comments are welcome.

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