Monday, January 7, 2008

Justice - Oil on 10 x 10 Canvas Panel

Commission Painting

Completed 01/07/2008

Justice I’ve pictured her as she was found. Justice was found along NJ roadside and had been used as a drug mule. She had been forced to swallow drug filled packets, allowing for hidden transportation of drugs. She was bound with a strap around her neck and duct tape on her muzzle and apparently gutted for the drugs within. Her cause-of-death was hemorrhagic shock. My client believes to combat situations like this you have to talk about them and get mad. So here you are. Your comments are always welcome….


Sin Paliativos said...

Beautiful, great paintings. You are an artist. In Barcelona there are a popular avenue called "Ramblas". In this place there are much artists of different styles as: realist, abstract, i remember this place when I see your dogs paintings.

Greetings from Barcelona (Spain)

Russell Baker said...

Thank you for your kind words. No one appreciates a pat on the back any more than I do.

We who work in small studios, usually alone and with limited or no feedback savor any comments that come our way. Thanks again.

Cecelia said...

Russell, the painting of Justice is just heart-breaking. Your work is so beautiful. I hope that it will help to put a stop in cruelty of man to animals. There just is no reason for it.
Good luck with your work and with your efforts.